General Tarn Campaign 1
General Tarn Must DIE!

Campaign: Jeremy Sisson – Session 21 Module: Custom 1 Date: Sunday March 14th, 2010

Players Attending Jeremy (Dungeon Master) Robert (Alban) – Fighter Kevin (Adrik) – Warden Matthew (Rolan Gorhuhm) – Bard/Sorcerer Scott ([[Lo-Kag]]) – Barbarian Steve (Danri Stonehammer) – Cleric Warren (Barfo / Erase / Baahrook) – Wizard

Day XX (TBD) When we last left the party…. They had just had discussion with the Fallcrest guards about cargo and their contract to accompany the caravan to Hammerfast. The Party left early morning with the 3 caravan wagons, caravan guards armed with maces and short bows. The Party meets up further down the road with Alban, Lo-Kag and the new construct Bluefang. Party marches for 8 hours towards Hammerfast. Reach an appropriate place to setup camp which happens to be close to the side path they took to the entrance to Thunderspire mountain. Party reminisces about their adventures and Rolan plays some sweet songs about slaughtering evil wizards and blood demons. Party sets watches but the evening in uneventful. Day XX +1 (TBD) Party wakes and continues towards Hammerfast. Perceptive party members notice a Goblin watching from a tree, quickly hides. Party continues walking all day. Set up camp in clearing area. Bluefang picks a spot and stands there all night long staring into nothingness. Party questions him about his leadership role in the past. He was a unit commander and had other construct units working for him. During the night, roughly 1am, Bluefang notes out loud that he hears a horse running in the distance parallel to the road the Part is traveling on. Party wakes but doesn’t hear anything, goes back to sleep. Day XX +2 (TBD) Party wakes and continues towards Hammerfast. Terrain is changing slightly, starts to see mountains on horizon and hilly terrains begins. Party is walking along the road peacefully, large rocks and trees are present. Ambush Ambush! Alban is heard muttering about “A fine place for an ambush this would be” when all of a sudden the sky goes black as a flurry of arrows shower down on the party, horn sounds off to the side of the road. Goblins leap out of the bushes and from behind the rocks and attack the Party. Encounter 1. <blue> Bugbears with flails also appear and a <black> Goblin Leader who is carrying the horn the Party heard. <yellow> Hobgoblin Warriors and a <2×2> Rage Drake steps out from behind the rocks. <green> Goblin Hexer Wizards steps out. Ambush! Bugbear attacks Alban, 12 DAM and attempts to push Alban who resists the push and doesn’t get knocked prone. Goblin warriors attack and hit for relatively minor damage. Rage Drake charges Baahrook and hits for 13DAM. Baahrook immediately reacts to the attack and teleports onto the top of the hilltop in the top right corner, discovering a Goblin archer hiding in waiting. Goblin Hexer casts a stinking cloud on the central caravan wagon engulfing it and the Party members (Metal Dice indicating, -2 to attack for all those within, concealment). Bugbears attack again and critical on Alban for 13DAM, Alban resists yet again being knocked prone. Bugbear starts to swing the flair overhead, Bluefang and Rolan both take 5 DAM. Baahrook has surprised the Hobgoblin at the top of the hill, shifts back and zaps Hobgoblin for 13DAM squishing him and sending his body flying over the edge. Baahrook attempts to hide at the top, hoping he is successful. Goblin Hexer surveys the scene and looks to the most intimidating character Rolan(!) but misses. Bluefang swings blindly in the cloud and does 13DAM on Bugbear. Rolan moves out of stinky cloud, (Goblin misses the opportunity attack) and casts Ice Dragon’s Teeth burst on human leader for 13DAM and is slowed. Adrik moves in at hits the group at the front of the caravan, killing Goblin and hitting Rage Drake. Cart drivers jump off and run into bushes in fear. Rage Drake misses Adrik. Hobgoblin hits Lo-Kag for 6DAM. Lo-Kag laughs at the puny attempts by the Hobgoblin to hurt him. Hobgoblin shifts to attack Danri but misses. Goblin Leader throws horn on ground in disgust and charges Rolan, hits for 16DAM and stuns him. Archers from the bushes fire arrows at Party again, hitting Alban and blooding Rolan. Danri shifts away from the Bugbear and misses. Lo-Kag leaps over the cart, charges through the stinking cloud, and runs out into the open. Lo-Kag sees the additional enemies and charges the Goblin Hexer, hits for 36DAM. Lo-Kag uses AP and misses, sneaky Goblin Hexer shifts away. Alban uses Come and Get It, kills HobGoblin for 30DAM blood spattering on Danri and himself, and 11DAM on Bugbear. Bugbear swings flail over head, 5DAM to Alban and Danri. Bugbear charges Lo-Kag and misses, Lo-Kag immediate reaction but misses. Baahrook Enemies Abound targeting Rolan to (hopefully) hit the HobGoblins, misses. Goblin Hexer runs around the rock and Blinding Hex on Lo-Kag for 8DAM, successfully blinding him. Hexer moves the stinky cloud over 2 squares. Bluefang moves in next to Rolan who sees he has chainmail and a short sword, allows him to use Healing Surge. Human Leader runs around yelling orders to Goblins. Adrik Weight of Earth on Rage Drake for 15DAM slowing him and marks him. Human caravan drivers fire crossbows to Bugbears, all miss. Rage Drake claws at Adrik missing him. Goblin Leader hits Rolan for 8DAM and causing -2 to all defenses for rest of encounter. Arrows fly into Party missing Rolan and Danri. Danri Healing Word on Alban. Lo-Kag shift towards Goblin Hexer and Thunderhoof Rage barely missing him, but shifting him back. Alban Tide of Iron Bugbear for 14DAM and marks him. First Bugbear attacks Lo-Kag with flail for 2DAM knocks him back and prone. Second attack misses. Baahrook teleports over on top of other rock and Force Orb the Human Leader 14DAM and Magic Missile the HobGoblin killing him. Goblin Hexer attacks Lo-Kag for 6DAM. Bluefang swings and misses the Goblin Leader. Rolan Ice Javelins on enemies, 17DAM ongoing 5 on Human Leader, 8DAM on Goblin Leader and Bugbear. Rolan Glimpse of the Future, a “15” is seen in the future for a lucky Party member. Human Leader takes 5DAM and runs into bushes. Adrik Tempest Assault on Rage Drake for 11DAM and 4DAM to Hobgoblin killing him. Caravan drivers fire crossbows into Bugbear all missing again. Rage Drake is getting very angry, swings at Adrik missing. Goblin Leader swings at Bluefang missing. Goblin Archers fire and miss. Danri Daunting Light on Bugbear for 15DAM and grants combat advantage for Alban, Healing Word on Lo-Kag bringing him almost back to full health. Lo-Kag crawls over to BugBear and hits with Brutal Slam for 21DAM (bloodies him) and pushes him back into Goblin Hexer causing 8DAM. Caravan hits Rage Drake for 12DAM. Alban shifts around Bugbear and Tide of Iron for 10DAM, blooding him and pushes him back. Bugbear’s attack and miss. Baahrook Icy Ray Goblin Hexer for 16DAM and immobilizes him. Baahrook Rolling Thunder and Goblin Hexer takes 16DAM, shifts him behind the rock. Baahrook Magic Missile the Goblin Hexer for 17DAM killing him. Stinky Cloud disappears with the killing of the Goblin Hexer. Bluefang says to Rolan to wait to attack, hits Goblin Leader for 11DAM, grants Rolan the opportunity to attack who graciously takes it but misses. Rolan Eyebite’s the Goblin Leader for 14DAM, heals himself and uses Cutting Words hitting the Human Leader for 12DAM and pulling him out of the trees towards him and Bluefang. Human Leader hits Rolan for 11DAM and runs back away into the bushes again, Rolan opportunity slaps him in the head for 1DAM. Adrik uses Relentless Panther form and Earthgift, hitting Rage Drake. Caravan Archers hit the Bugbears. Rage Drake hits Adrik for 11DAM. Goblin Leader hits Bluefang for 15DAM and marks him, secondary attack misses. Goblin Archers hit Alban or 11DAM and Danri for 14DAM. Danri Sacred Flame on Goblin Archer, he screams in pain as his soul gets ripped out of his chest and lit on fire. Lo-Kag stands and attacks Bugbear for 24DAM driving his skull into his body cavity to a most horrific and painful death. Lo-Kag swift charge and jumps over the caravan into striking distance of the Goblin Leader but misses him. Caravan crossbowman hits Rage Drake for 6DAM. Alban moves around Bugbear and Sweeping Blow on Bugbear and Goblin missing but marking them both. Bugbear hits Alban for 2DAM and knocks him prone. Baahrook jumps down off rock and Scorching Burst Alban and the Goblin and Bugbear. Rolan attempts Chillsong Stroke but misses the Goblin Leader, who shifts away. Human Leader misses Lo-Kag. Adrik Weight of Earth hitting Rage Drake for 23DAM cutting off his forearms and causing him to bleed to death on the ground. Caravan Archer hits Bugbear. Goblin Leader hits Lo-Kag for 21DAM and stuns him. Goblin Archer tries to run around and fires but misses Alban. Danri runs up and Healing Strike on Bugbear for 13DAM killing him with a quick but painful shot to the temple. Alban stands and misses the Goblin Archer. Baahrook Phantom Bolt the Goblin Leader for 14DAM sliding him back towards Bluefang and performs a back-flip to maneuver on top of the giant rock. Bluefang hits Goblin Leader and moves out. Rolan Misdirected Mark critical on Goblin King for 21DAM and gives Adrik the mark. Human Leader runs out of tree and calls to Goblin Leader to attack, he hits Lo-Kag for 19DAM and -2 to all defenses until end of encounter. Adrik moves in and misses Goblin Leader. Goblin Leader shifts away from party group. Danri moves up to Goblin Archer and kills him. Lo-Kag moves up to Goblin Leader and hits for 21DAM. Alban runs up hits Goblin Leader and pushes him back into the group. Goblin Leader takes off into the forest. Baahrook shifts towards Human Leader who is now running away from the Party and hits him, pulling him towards, he Magic Missile him in the knee. BlueFang shifts back and calls Adrik to attack who hits for 9DAM. Rolan Prophetic Action on the Goblin Leader causing 18 psychic damage. The Goblin Leader’s head first caves in slightly and then a great explosion occurs within, blood bursts out of his eye sockets and his ears killing him very messily. Baahrook does knock the Human Leader unconscious in the far trees and returns him to the party and the Caravan. End of encounter. Party loots the bodies and finds 350 Gold. The human Leader is recognized as one of the goons who were watching the house that Rolan and Baahrook were breaking into back in Fallcrest. Alban recognizes this race of Goblins as Spider Goblins and they are a threat in the area. Danri brings the human Leader to back to consciousness. Human Leader is groveling for his life, sent by Master Trell from Fallcrest. He was told the Party stole a statue and it was described to him as looking like Bluefang does. Party inquires more to try to determine the plans. Human knows little and doesn’t seem to be lying. Trell obtained Bluefang in cave far to the West past Winterhaven, rest of cave was empty. Bluefang says he thinks we should hand him over to the authorities, Party agrees. Party continues onto the city of Hammerfast along the road and arrives. Hammerfast Hammerfast is a large city. The South East corner is more the public area. Hammerfast is a central place in the overall area for craft and trade. It is an old settlement which the Dwarfs moved in back in ancient times. To the farther north are mining towns. Followers of Grumsh(SP?) also share the city with them. Lord Tenkar Stoneshield is the commander of the troops and happens to be Alban’s commander. Alban had been summoned and sent to deal with the trouble in the northern mining towns. They went into the deep underground and that’s how they made it to Thunderspire. There are three Guilds, High Master Thore Longhammer, Loremaster Geld Seekingstone, and Trademaster, Artisan. The most powerful leader of the three guilds becomes the active leader (currently trade guild is master). Party arrives at East gate, explains they have arrived escorting the Caravan to the city. Dwarf guard Thore Longhammer comes out to greet and asks about other party members. Alban explains the journey he had under the mountain and how he came into being with the companions. Longhammer asks about Bluefang and Alban explains about the construct and how we seek knowledge to his construction and history. The caravan leader shows the shipment notice and bill of note regarding the supplies being delivered. Thore Longhammer grants access to the Gate Ward, and asks party to deliver the goods as quickly as possible. Party hands over Human Leader and asks for him to be imprisoned for his crimes with being in league with the Spider Goblins. Suggest the Hammerfast guards question him for information. Call to the guards to open the gates and the party has now officially arrived. Caravan guards head off to deliver the goods with the caravan’s. They will come back to the Foundation Stone Inn later with the payment for the party. The Party decide to mingle with the higher class so the party decides to go and check in at the Foundation Stone (commonly referred to as just “The Stone). Foundation Stone Inn The Party first notices the large pit in the center of the room with a platform over top, filled with garbage and used for the “Feats of Strength”. Pit is 10ft deep and there is a vile stench coming out of it. Large chandelier hanging in the center, long bar made of a large slab of stone maintained by Grawl the Half-Orc bartender. Crank and Graff the human bouncers stand by the door. A different Goliath is at the bar, happens to be the current strength champion. Rolan and Alban and Bluefang speak to Dwarf commanders. Explain about defeating the Wizard “Paldemar” but there was a letter indicating there is an individual who threaten to take over the veil, and General Tarn is the evil behind such actions. Tenkar Stoneshield explains they are still having a problems with Duregar in the area and that there are known issues to the North in the Highpeak mine. There have been thumps and explosions heard late at night deep in the earth. If the party is willing to investigate the Highpeak mine (a day’s journey or so) it would be appreciated. They will also issue the party passes to explore the rest of Hammerfast. Adrik and Baahrook go to corner to drink and stay out of the way of the dangerous looking individuals. Listen to the music the Inn’s resident Bard is singing. Lo-Kag and Danri go to the bar and wait for the festivities to begin. Later in the evening crowds gather around the pit. Eventually the Goliath’s dwarf friend starts to ask the crowd who would challenge the goliath. Lo-Kag accepts the dwarf’s challenge and the crowd grows silent in anticipation. Party decides to place wagers; Rolan performs a skill check of 35 for Diplomacy placing bets for Lo-Kag to win. Lo-Kag tries to stand his ground Game begins. After 2 rounds Lo-Kag gets knocked into the pit, disgusting. Party places and loses 50 Gold. Lo-Kag tries to do it again. Goliath bashes Lo-Kag with his shoulder and knocks him into the pit. Party places and loses 50 Gold. Third attempt, Lo-Kag bashes opponent into the pit, party places 50 gold and gets 150 Gold in return, breaking even for the evening. Back to bar the two Goliath’s go to drink together and speak of Goliath type activities. After the games have concluded the Part decides to stay in the Rondals Inn for 5 silver a night. Party heads to the inn and stays the night.

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